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3 essential strategies to raise energy and motivate your staff


happy motivated staff


Motivated staff are happy to be working in your organisation. They will feel valued, part of a team and have purpose and sense of achievement.

As a manager or CEO of your company you will know how much hard work and energy it took to be where you are today. When you do not have your staff working with you towards shared goals then you have a problem.  Energy is a key factor here in continued motivation. Did you know it is a scientific fact that human energy reserves weaken when we feel low or negative about something.
Strategy 1 – Clarity on Role and Overall goals of your Company
Be clear about job description and overall goals of your company. It is not always enough to run a training day and then handout a huge book of instructions. Of course you need to be explicit in writing about job descriptions but too much written information is not always easy to take on board. We all have differing learning styles.
Ongoing communication with staff, whether new or long term is vital in building relationships with your team, making sure they are happy and allowing an environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and express ideas.
When people know what is expected they have security which helps them to measure their own performance and self-motivate to reach the mark. Sharing the overall goals of the company will allow staff to feel part of something bigger than just the role they are performing. A wheel has many cogs but the car needs to know where it is going.
Strategy 2 – Listening, Validating and Appreciating
If all is going well this is a great opportunity to not only have your ear to the ground and be aware of the what is happening behind the scenes, but also to engage in meaningful conversation at team meetings or appraisals. If someone has performed well then tell them, thank them, notice the extras, the person that regularly stays late or the person that stepped in to cover someone else’s role for a month.
People are generally happy and willing to please and go the extra mile but if there is nobody noticing or appreciating then how long will they feel happy to do so. A small or large gesture of acknowledgement is a validation of that person’s actions = higher energy levels.
Where a problem occurs and it is raised by a member of staff it needs to be addressed. If a staff member is stressed then ask what you can do to lighten the load. If they are being bullied do not bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. It will not! Not being heard or taken seriously = lower energy levels.
Strategy 3 – Don’t Move the Goal Posts
There is nothing more demotivating, demoralising and likely to turn your staff against you than moving the goal posts. This can include changing sales targets, job descriptions, expectations, proposed salary reviews or opportunities for progression.  Think back yourself to that time long ago when you were keen to do well, to impress, to earn your fortune, to reach the top. Which were the managers that made you angry and resentful. Think about the times you were stressed or just plain apathetic. Nobody likes to be lied to and essentially moving the goal posts is just that. You have made a promise, a commitment a decision but now this has changed. How will your staff trust you. Mistrust is a negative emotion = lower energy level

Please let me know your thoughts on the above.

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