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Organising a Festival – one week to go

Well with just over a week to go the pace is hotting up.  Phone calls and emails are increasing and people are starting ask more questions about the event and the workshops.  The Heartbeat Group of organisers are in constant contact as decisions need to be made.  Its all systems go now. I’ve sent out emails to all the workshop leaders but some are having trouble reading them – I thought when I bought a new computer that sending emails would be easier not harder but now having to convert text, send as old files – the technology is doing…

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My thoughts on Karma

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about karma how it can be a useful way to make sense of life experiences, thoughts and events.  If you are not familiar with the word Karma you may recognise some of the following statements (or even have your own ways of saying the same thing). You reap what you sow You get back what you give It will all come home to you Treat others as you wish to be treated Do unto others what you you would like others to do unto you The concept of karma is central to the Hindu and…

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